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Tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your O Pioneer Grooming Co. beard oil.

Why should I use beard oil?

Simply put, beard oil helps keep your beard healthy, moisturized, and soft. Beard hair is naturally coarse and unruly, with a tendency to dry out and get split ends; this results in a beard that is itchy to you and rough to those touching it. In other words, an unkempt beard is entirely unpleasant to have.

Beard oil contains the needed nutrients, proteins, and fatty acids to keep your beard healthy, moisturized, and much softer than it would be in its unkempt state. Those same benefits to your beard also extend to the skin beneath, which is exceptionally important for those with thicker beards.

What makes our beard oil different from all the others?

Many beard oils are a riff on the same basic recipe: a large proportion of Argan and Jojoba Oils, with one or two extra carrier oils thrown into the mix. While popular, it’s not the best; large amounts of Jojoba create a too effective barrier on the hair, keeping other beneficial oils out. This can be especially bad for oils such as Argan, which can be very slow to be absorbed by hair follicles.

Instead of relying on too-oft used recipes, we started from scratch to create a truly unique formulation; we eschew Argan completely in favor of a more readily absorbed oil and keep the ratio of Jojoba to just enough to get the job done. While many beard oil companies might be content with three or four different carrier oils, we use six, giving us our exceptionally comprehensive benefits.

How do I apply your beard oil?

When getting ready to apply the beard oil each day, it is best to do so after getting out of the shower or having washed your face with hot water. The heat and water will open the beard follicles and get them to swell up, priming them to receive the beard oil.

All that extra water, however, needs to be removed, or else it will repel the beard oil. Dry your beard with a towel until it is just barely dried. At this point the follicles are still opened up, but they haven’t been over-dried, which can lead to split ends.


Get a couple of drops of oil onto your hands and rub it thoroughly into the skin of your palms. This has a couple benefits: firstly, by priming your hands, they will be less likely to absorb the oil while you are applying it to your beard; secondly, rubbing your hands together warms them up, the extra heat will make the oil more readily absorbed into your beard hair.


Dispense the desired amount of oil (generally a dime to nickel sized amount) onto your palms, give your hands a quick swipe together to spread the oil out, and then immediately apply to your beard. Rub the oil thoroughly into your beard, making sure to work from the tips of the hair all the way down to the skin. Give the skin beneath your beard a quick massage with your fingertips to allow your skin to absorb a bit of the oil. Don’t forget to oil your mustache as well!

Starting at your temples, smooth down your beard with the palms of your hands. Then settle stray hairs with a good quality brush or comb.

How often should I apply the beard oil?

In most cases, applying just once daily is enough to keep your beard moisturized and healthy. However, if you live or work in an environment that is exceptionally dry or harsh on your beard, additional applications (1-3) would be beneficial.

How long will a bottle generally last?

With normal application a 1 oz. bottle of beard oil should last around 2 months. If your beard is fairly large, or are needing to apply more than the recommended amount, the bottle will be used up more quickly. If used less frequently, a bottle should be used up within 1 year of opening.

What if I'm just starting out growing my beard

When you’re first starting out growing a beard is a fantastic time to be using beard oil. When your beard is but stubble, it is the most itchy and scratchy, and your skin is prone to drying out and developing ingrown hairs. Using beard oil at this stage will help soften your newly sprouted beard, getting vitamins and nutrients to the root to help promote healthy beard growth. It will also moisturize your skin, keeping it healthy and significantly reducing itchiness.

You won’t need to use as much oil as you would with a couple-months or older beard, so dispensing just 2-3 drops should be sufficient.

How do I style my beard

Beard oil is primarily meant to keep your beard healthy, tamed, and controlled; as such it has minimal styling capabilities.

Where are your supplies sourced?

We source our ingredients from select suppliers that adhere to the highest industry standards for the quality of products offered. Organic ingredients are certified by the QAI and USDA.

What other tips do you suggest?

Let your freshly oiled beard rest for 10-15 minutes after applying and initial smoothing to let the oil finish getting absorbed in.  After this, feel free to give your beard a second combing or brushing.


If you ride a motorcycle, swim, are a habitual beard-stroker, or engage in some other activity that increases wear on your beard, you may need to add a couple drops at the end of the day to keep your beard hydrated and soft.

If your beard is still a bit short, a brush is recommended for settling stray hairs. As your beard gets longer, a comb or stiff brush is going to be your best bet.

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